Album of the Week: Japandroids – Near to the Wild Heart of Life

Well, this LP is just great. It’s full of energy, full of life, full of fun. Japandroids’ latest is a garage rock went full heartland rock, or heartland rock went full garage rock. It’s like listening to MC5 covering Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark. Of course, some may find it too exaggerated, anthemic or pompous, and the songs might have been a little better, but whatever. I like listening to Tom Petty singing Lust for Life. And yes, Near to the Wild Heart of Life is optimistic, monumental, huge in it’s perfectly wonderful production that seems to contradict the essence of garage rock, but it’s also rocking hard preety great. And most of all, it is an enormous pleasure and just pure fun to listen to this LP.


Also worth a listen this week:

  • Max Richter – Three Worlds: Tales From Woolf Works
  • Fancey – Love Mirrage
  • Ty Segall – Ty Segall
  • Migos – Culture
  • Cloud Nothings – Life Without Sound
  • Lauren Alaina – Road Less Straveled

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