Album of the Week: Elbow – Little Fictions

I was waiting for this album so much. I loved Build a Rocket Boys! and really enjoyed The Take Off And Landing of Everything. Both of them had some stellar tunes, so I anticipated that Little Fictions will deliver at least few more. Being such great band as Elbow commits you to a certain level of artistry. And oh my, Elbow has a great level of artistry, which is proven by Little Fictions. It is very accessible, but without abandoning their signature haunting, intense and subtle style, sound and production. Magnificent (She Says) may as well be one of their best songs to date (but sorry, nothing will beat Birds), Trust the Sun beautifully mixes their classic toned-down sound with feeling of anxiety, All Disco is delightfully delicate and anthemic, and the title track’s impressive in its massive scale musically and complexity to name only few. Still, I don’t know weather I’ll be able to listen to it in greater quantities, just like any other Elbow’s albums. I always treat their LPs as an unique treat. It’s full of wonder, delicacy, splendor, so tense, that you must have some time to figure it out. You can’t binge-listen Elbow for weeks. But it doesn’t make it any less attractive. It’s just extraordinary pleasure, which prefers to stay extraordinary. Little Fictions album is a perfect example of such work of art. Complicated, yet sounds simple. Stunning, yet not intimidating. I’m pretty sure my optimism will fade out in time, but for now, I’m really intrigued and excited that Elbow recorded an album worthy to be mentioned alongside their best / my favorite.


Also worth a listen this week:

  • Big Sean – I Decided
  • LeAnn Rimes – Remnants
  • Surfer Blood – Snowdonia
  • Sampha – Process
  • Wyclef Jean – J’ouvert

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