PVT – New Spirit

PVT’s fifth album New Spirit is an electronic journey full of beautiful landscapes, mathematical passages and a post-rock feel. A sophisticated work, which embraces modern sound, but also stays true to the math rock form.

This album takes you on a 43-minute experimental ride, segueing from one track to another while maintaining a solid main math-rock theme. It often feels like a concept album. Even though sometimes the music is almost obvious and too revealing, it manages to keep you entertained. I can hear a lot of The Knife somewhere in Another Life, a little bit of Battles in magnificent Salt Lake Heart and Kangaroo, even some Massive Attack/Elbow in Murder Mall. But the climax of New Spiris is its longest and clearly the best composition Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend, which was released in late 2016 to my great delight. PVT did a great job creating such complex work, delivering one of the most interesting electronic tunes of the last few months. However, it’s a shame that New Spirit loses its strenght after a few listens, being something that we could call a simple experimental electronic LP. You can’t be star-struck by an album as a whole, but its greatest assets are the individual tracks mentioned before and impressive, modern their sound, created with elementary measures.


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