Blanck Mass – World Eater

I never knew Aphex Twin could remix Swans with a little help of Animal Collective. Wow. What a ride. It’s crazy, fast, imaginative, and extremely intense. And then, gentility. It overflows with anxiety, energy, even fury. And when you are literally as unsettled as you can get, it delivers beautiful celestial landscapes of electronic sound, with charming melodies. And then you get another batch of apocalypse, which makes you want to scream. And then you repeat all the previous steps. And then, beauty, again.

However, as unsettling and full of contrasts as it is, World Eater is rewarding. Even though it is a difficult listen, it seems to be perfectly executed within its specific style. Not an album for everyone. If you are not afraid of this style, it may as well be a great experience. Because, in my opinion, an experience is what this kind music is all about. You experience it. You feel it. You try to relish it, and distinguish particular, individual, personal pleasure (or displeasure) from it.

So fasten your seatbelt. You either going to love it, hate it, throw away your headphones, or just treat it as an album not worthy of being called music. I was convinced to it most of the time. However, its length was a bit too much for me. Yet, it was worth it, because the ending is absolutely magnificent.


Listen to: Rhesus Negative, Minnesota / Eas Fors / Naked

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