Album of the Week: Spoon – Hot Thoughts

It’s not a breakthrough, but it’s fun. And experimental as well. Spoon recorded an album that merges their alternative explorations with perfected pop rock song. This makes Hot Thoughts album appealing to both new listeners, who are searching for pure entertainment with an addition of alt-rock, but also to alt-rock fans, who are searching for mainstream fun.

Title track starts this album with a high note, providing a pop feel to the not-so-mainstream imagination. The song may be preparing listeners for an easy-listening album, but the second one, WhisperI’lllistentohearit changes the conception radically. This balance between pop and experimental is maintained throughout the whole record. It’s like catch-me-if-you-can with the audience. But it’s also magnificently thought-through structure, which makes this album so entertaining. It’s fun. For the band, but also for their listeners

Did I say alt-rock? But where are the guitars? Well, it’s more of an electronic LP, but with a rock aesthetics, which may be crazy, but it fits so well here. An imagination, creativity and entertainment are the three words that describes Spoon‘s fifth album the best.

Hot Thoughts didn’t leave me unamazed for a second. Just when I thought I was listening to a pop record, there comes classic Spoon’s song like Pink Up, and everything seems to be much more varied than I expected it to be. Or more Spoon-ish than I thought it would be. And all of that blends nicely into the general concept of this album.

So, finally, you may say that this is Spoon reintroducing themselves. New ideas, old form. New concepts, same old band. The band, which is just greatly talented and do not disappointing nor let down. Hot Thoughts might not be their best. The overall quality of songs might not strike as genre-bending, exploratory, or innovative, but hey… once again: imagination, creativity, entertainment — that’s Hot Thoughts.


Also worth a listen this week:

  • Depeche Mode – Spirit
  • Aduilt – Detroit House Guests
  • Conor Oberst – Salutations
  • Real Estate – Im Mind
  • Sorority Noise – Your Not As ____ As You Think
  • Pulled Apart by Horses – The Haze
  • Chilly Gonzales & Jarvis Cocker – Room 29
  • Obituary – Obituary

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