Sorority Noise – You’re Not As _____ As You Think

Oh my, how I enjoyed this album. And enjoyed it since the first listen. I know, it’s not an art-rock, album-of-the-year magnificent achievement. It’s not even artistically advanced that much. But I just love it. Long live authentic American punk rock, which stays true to its pop roots, while delivering a desperate, yet optimistic message.

Your Not As _____ As You Think is this kind of album that have coherency that blends nostalgia, despair, but also hope, faith, optimism despite all downsides of life, aggressive posture, angst, delicacy, while maintaining feeling of a consistent record . Just a nice punk album, which flirts with alt pop rock, but does not lose its authenticity.

I had a similar feeling while listening to last year’s Car Seat Headrest’s magnificent Teens of Denial. While it was a huge statement, great achievement, overwhelming young art-rock, Sorority Noise made something more down-to-earth. Your favorite nostalgic angry pop punk album next door. Something to relate to, not on a philosophical level like The Ballad of the Costa Concordia, but on everyday struggle level.

Two songs represents that the best – A Portrait Of and Disappeared. They’re about losing friends and coping with it. But not only, they’re about coping with anxieties, desperation, depression, with inability to catch up with the world. They’re about life, which makes it easy to empathise with these stories. They’re about life, they’re authentic. And I’d like them to last longer. Especially this magnificent coda of Disappeared, which has a potential of 20-minute ear-blasting Swans-like sound-tank.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sorority Noise’s You’re Not As _____ As You Think became a cult classic. Underrated LP, which is not yet developed, but promises great things ahead, as soon as Sorority Noise will find and explore their musical selves. For now, they sound like a magnificent, world-class high school band, but still, a high school band. I’d love to hear them as graduates.


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