Album of the Week: Mount Eerie – A Crow Looked At Me

I’ve spent a lot of time playing GTA V this week. Its world is as fictitious as it can get, vivid, over-exaggerated, brutal, full of specific humor. Listening to Mount Eerie after such experience is a very rough, cold shower.

A Crow Looked At Me brings you back to earth with soul-wrenching stories, menalcholic melodies, mournful voice, aesthetically subtle, delicate, but powerful music. All of this resonates with the deepest reaches of listeners’ hearts. It’s like listening to extremely raw and desperate version of Carrie & Lowel. While Stevens’s album was an example of masterfully detailed production, Elverum is the one, which reminds you of a person, who just want to share a story that matters. Just like that. Sitting with guitar. Recording on a laptop. Pressing record and pouring his heart out.

Don’t expect anything else, this is an album about death – reflective, depressing, desperate, mournful, but also beautiful. It’s touching testimony about losing somebody you care for, somebody you love. In this case, it’s Elverum’s wife, Geneviève. A Crow Looked At Me seems even a little bit therapeutic. But then, in Swims, even the counselor dies. So you can imagine.

This topic is hard. And you can hear it in Elverum’s voice. It’s also very sincere, genuine to the limits of a sadness pouring out of your speakers. It’s as real as it gets. It’s bringing listener down to earth from any fantasy he or she was exploring. It’s about reminding you about the emotions every one of us experienced or will experienced. It’s about life.

And I know it sounds horrible, but this may be Mount Eerie’s best album. That’s because it sends you a message. It not only breaks your heart, but also frightens you and reminds you of what life is all about – love, with all of its consequences, even if it also means passing.


Also worth a listen this week:

  • Pallbearer – Heartless
  • Raekwon – The Wild
  • The Jesus and the Mary Chain – Damage and Joy
  • Wolf Eyes – Undertow
  • Soulwax – From Deewee
  • Kelly Lee Owens – Kelly Lee Owens
  • Fucked Up – Year of the Snake EP

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