Kelly Lee Owens – Kelly Lee Owens

Kelly Lee Owens’s electronica is subtle, dreamy, intense. M83 covering Kraftwerk featuring Alison Goldfrapp inspired by the Field. Minimal techno wonderfully blends with ambient-ish collages of sound, creating an atmosphere of relaxation, reflectiveness, chillout, and drug-indused dancefloor.

This could be a soundtrack of your lucid dreams about spending whole night dancing yourself away from reality. Weird trance mixes here with rough bits, delicate vocals, subtle synths, and really intense climate of both rave and relaxation. These contrasts are wonderfully visible when you compare the first track – S.O with second one – Arthur.

It’s all about constant balance between rhythm, melody, motorik, and sonic passages. Owens is able to neatly mix all of these elements, sometimes segueing from one to another without any radical change. One minute you’re all about having your head in clouds in Lucid enjoying lightness all around, and then, suddenly, there’s Evolution and while still being somewhere else, your feet are starting to bounce to techno bits.

Even though, there’s not that much of a variety here, Kelly Lee Owens is extremely thoughtful about what she’s doing on her eponymous LP. She’s not afraid to experiment, or to attempt making a pop song. I think that to fully enjoy this album, listener has to understand and accept the idea behind it. And I assume it was to record an atmospheric DJ-set of minimal-techno meets dream-pop late-night extravaganza fitting subconscious exploration of half-dancefloor-stroboscopes-induced-hallucinations, half-relaxation.

Listen to: Arthur, Anxi., Keep Walking


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