Album of the Week: Aimee Mann – Mental Illness

Aimee Mann’s Mental Illness is an album full of beautiful, lightly produced, intense and dark folk music. Its form of coherent atmosphere is full of charm, but also frightening. Just like its cover art.

You can find save haven in those songs, just to be reminded what is their true meaning and what’s this album all about. It reminded me of a mixture of Alela Diane, Laura Veirs, Jesca Hoop, Agnes Obel, maybe a pinch of Have One on Me‘s Joanna Newsom. This is not a marvelous album, which will be a contender for the album of the year. But it is graceful, inviting and daunting.

Listen to: Goose Snow Cone, Rollercoasters, Patient Zero, Good for Me, Poor Judge



Also worth a listen this week:

  • Bob Dylan – Triplicate
  • British Sea Power – Let the Dancers Inherit the Party
  • Freddie Gibbs – You Only Live 2wice
  • Goldfrapp – Silver Eye
  • Mastodon – Emperor of Sand
  • The Mavericks – Brand New Day
  • Wire – Silver/Lead
  • Jamiroquai – Automaton

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