Goldfrapp – Silver Eye

Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for a record that’ll be as good as Seventh Tree. After experimental Tales of Us, which was magnificent, but not as Goldfrapp-y as one would as one would expect, we got Silver Eye, which should satisfy every person, who was searching for more electronic sound. And oh my, the beginning is one of the best in Goldfrapp’s career, but the rest is less appealing.

Anymore may be one of the best songs by Goldfrapp to date. No doubt. Silver Eye might’ve been released just because this song, and I’d be satisfied. But then they present us Systematic, which continues electronic greatness with another dreamy dancefloor hit. Great! If only this album could maintain this level of tunes. But it does not.

The rest of album is rather mediocre set of songs with few exceptions like Become the One, Everything is Not Enough and Ocean. I don’t know. Maybe few spins was really not enough for me to fully appreciate this record. Maybe I need to know it better. Or maybe there is not that much to be delighted by.

However, this is not a bad record. I continues the career of magnificently dreamy pop-electronica duo, which every incarnation has something to say. I considered it one of my favorite acts in the past, especially after Seventh Tree, but then came disappointing Head First, sad, experimental, but fascinating Tales of Us, and finally classic Silver Eye. And I must say that in the future, when taking the post-2007 Goldfrapp into consideration, I will come back to the last one most often.

Listen to: Anymore, Systematic, Everything is Not Enough, Ocean


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