Gorillaz – Humanz


This review is dedicated to all those people who think this album is a huge disappointment. I thought so as well. But then I listened to it again and again, and everything changed. I’ve read about it. I contemplated it. I tried to understand it. I tried to interpret it. I wanted to live in its world. And when I did, everything changed. I needed three weeks of continuous listening and a dozen of spins to fully appreciate it. And now, it’s I consider its artistry a jaw-dropping impressive work of post-postmodern music in the era of confusion, technology and loss.

Humanz‘ main theme is the aftermath of a world-changing event and the attempt to deal with it emotionally. And when you take this into consideration, it opens a whole new perspective. To me, Gorillaz’ new LP sounds like a never-ending party on a wasteland of plastic, artificial emotions, false visions, disappointments with a hope of revelation and victory of us, humans, our natural goodness and a will to overcome.

When comparing to the other releases by Damon Albarn’s cartoon band, you might assume that it’s the least coherent LP. And I say it is not. It may sound like a collection of collaborations, a mixtape without any logic. On the other hand, it seems to me to be direct sequel to more melancholic Plastic Beach. Then, we were celebrating variety in a plastic world, a shift in personal relations, a space where everyone acted like they’re detached from reality, yet still building a solid foundations of ultramodern society. This time, we are experiencing a death of modern world caused by the overflow of artificiality, false promises, and fake courtesies. There’s nothing else to do, but to dance ourselves away back to humanity.

This is what I hear in a struggle and fame of Saturn Barz, in anxieties of Strobelite, in a desperation of Submission, in false promises of technology in Charger, in a greed of Hallelujah Money, and in a strength of love in We Got the Power. And all of it takes time to sink in. This album ia a novel. It has to be digested properly. To do so, we have to disconnect and contemplate the obvious, to see what it has to offer. And it tells us to not let go, to think, and to be aware that we got the power to be loving each other no matter what happens.


Listen to: Saturn Barz, Submission, Charger, Busted and Blue, Hallelujah Money

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