Vince Staples – Big Fish Theory


Vince Staples’ new LP Big Fish Theory is a dark, mysterious, bass-filled, massive accomplishment, despite it’s only 36 minutes long. And it’s rapper’s sophomore album. Not every 24-year-old records an LP this sophisticated.

American rapper managed to mix really dark and heavy music with an atmosphere straight from 1997’s synths. You can hear The Prodigy here, as well as The Streets or AlunaGeorge. This sounds really weird, but it really works out well. Especially when you take magnificent lyrics into consideration.

Big Fish Theory is a progressive, dark hip-hop album with a very specific sound, and great trenchant and extremely intelligent lyrics. I wouldn’t say it’s an underground masterpiece, because it’s just not that good. But the experimental feel of it, and the bravery to do that, makes Vince Staples a very important figure in contemporary rap.


Listen to: Crabs in the Bucket, Big Fish, 745, Party People

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