Funkadelic – Reworked By Detroiters


Reworked By Detroiters shows two things: (a) Funkadelic is still a great listen with a ton of potential; (b) Detroit’s music culture is still an extremely interesting aesthetic with a ton of potential.

I’ve been listening to Funkadelic since high school, and I have to admit that after a while it become bored. I thought that it worked nicely with my teenage sense of humour, but without proper cultural context and education about aesthetic I stopped listening. After learning more and more about Funkadelic/Parliament phenomenon I was visiting their music from time to time, and I still think this is probably the second-best funk act of all time behind James Brown.

And Reworked By Detroiters proves that I was not wrong. This LP highlights the best in their music – its depth, fun, pride, and pure imagination. What’s more, it shows that this phenomenon did not end in 70s, but is still valid today, especially with a layer of Detroit’s cultural heritage. This is a great mix – not groundbreaking, but a magnificent reevaluation. I hope it will motivate people to go back to their original discography and say that they’re funky and proud (laughin atcha!).

Listen to: Sexy Ways, Cosmic Slop, Let’s Take It To the Stage


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