The Sound of a City: Project Update

It’s been a few months. Actually, more than a few, but I finally added a new project update on ResearchGate! This is what I’ve been working on since March 2019 in relation to the Sound of a City project.

My research stay at the University of Minnesota was concluded by Prince from Minneapolis symposium, where I presented some of my findings and discussed them with fellow academics. After the return to Poland, my topic was officially accepted by the council of my department on June 19th, 2018. Afterward, I continued my work on my dissertation, analyzing notes and writing the next chapters.

The goals reached after March 2018 include:

  • Participation in Prince from Minneapolis 2018 symposium in April 2018 at University of Minnesota;
  • Interviewed Aaron Cohen, Daniel Corrigan, Andrea Swensson, and Kristen Zschomler;
  • Participation in third annual MUTE: Music/University/Technology/Emotions conference at Jagiellonian University in May 2018, presenting a talk on the methodology of local music scenes analysis;
  • Participation in Salzburg Seminar American Studies Association in Salzburg in September 2018, where I shared my insight into relations between music, politics, and culture, depending on my experience of Minneapolis case;
  • Participation in Codzienność i powszechność muzyki a praktyki popkulturowej edukacji (Everyday life and the universality of music and pop culture education practice) conference in Gorzów Wielkopolski in October 2018, presenting the case of Post-Prince era of the Minneapolis Sound history, and submitted a paper based on the talk to a forthcoming publication;
  • Finished writing Chapter 3: Methodology, Chapter 4: Introduction to the Sound of a City, and Chapter 5: The Minneapolis Sound.

To be up-to-date, follow my project here:

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