The Best of 2019: Songs

Choosing the best songs of each year is often more difficult than pinpointing the most interesting LPs. Why? Because it is virtually impossible given the variety and the number of music released each year. Still, there are always some tunes that just have to be emphasized as especially spectacular, the ones that will stay with us long after we all forget about 2019. Was it better than 2018? Not really. But who cares. We’ve got some pretty great tunes and that’s what matters the most.

And there were numerous songs published this year that has a special place in my heart. No matter if these songs broke it, tore it apart, filled it with joy, made it pump blood to my legs and made them dance, or just made me realize how much beauty there is around. I’m talking about all the cellophanes, Harmony Halls, Andromedas, Nots or Ghosteens. But also about Old Town Roads and 7empests as well.

Everybody’s saying albums are dead and singles are what keeps the current music industry alive. Well, if that’s the case, let’s check those for ourselves. The songs included in the list below may not be conventional singles, some of them not being the biggest hits, but I’ve chosen them, because they have some kind of value, to me at least. They are the ones that made my 2019 interesting artistically. They kept me interested and hungry for more artistic beauty. I hope they’ll make you like that as well.

Was 2019 as breathtaking as Keanu? Well, it was not great, not terrible. Let’s find that out by ourselves and have the last laugh while listening to this set of dance anthems, tearjerking emotional rollercoasters, rocking headbangers – the best music 2019 had to offer. (Order is non-evaluative.)

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