The Best of 2010s: Songs

Believe it or not, but each year choosing the best songs was always a more difficult task than the best albums. Mostly because there are so many of them. And we often forget about a huge majority of the great ones. Unsurprisingly, picking 2010s best songs was an extremely hard job, if not impossible, because there is always something, which will be omitted. And then, how do you decide whether one song is better than the other?

My first list had 20 songs, the second 50, but I decided to create an ultimate 2010s playlist with 150 songs in it. And I could do easily 250. So, if you want to go on a sentimental journey through the 2010s, I encourage you to listen to the playlist. It contains the best in pop, rock, rap, R&B, electronica, indie, alternative, etc. The soundtrack of the decade past. At least this is how my decade sounded like.

If I was to choose a song of the decade, or the one, which does the best job characterizing the 2010s, I think I’d have at least a few contenders. I know for sure the list would include Robyn’s Dancing On My Own and Kendrick Lamar’s Alright, closely followed by Car Seat Headrest’s Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales, David Bowie’s Blackstar, Tame Impala’s Let It Happen, M83’s Midnight City, Nick Cave and the Bad Seed’s Jubilee Street or Queens of the Stone Age’s I Appear Missing. But then, what about Rolling in the Deep, Uptown Funk, Runaway, Get Lucky or Nobody. There is no good choice.

So, let’s just enjoy what the music industry offered us in the 2010s. Artists often perfectly reflected the specificity of times we live in, which also repeatedly connected to our own experiences. This is how the soundtracks of our lives are made. I present you my own, hoping that you’ll also find it relatable and go with me on this throwback journey. Songs’ order doesn’t matter, music matters.

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