The Shins – Heartworms

Heartworms emanate abstractness, psychedelics and indieness in a way that makes this music featureless. The Shins wanted to sound innovative, brave, melancholic, joyous. They tried to do all at once, which eventually turned out to be pointless. The songs are nice, engaging, but forgetful. There's no artistry that you might experience on their previous albums. … Continue reading The Shins – Heartworms

Chicano Batman – Freedom Is Free

For every person who is fascinated with band's name (I was): there is a little bit of Chicano here, but not much of the Batman. However, there's freedom, which sometimes is actually free. And most importantly, there's fun. Musicians' use slow-jam soul, a little bit of psychedelia, which reminds me of a brave attempts to imitate early Frank Zappa. Yet, … Continue reading Chicano Batman – Freedom Is Free