Vince Staples – Big Fish Theory

Vince Staples' new LP Big Fish Theory is a dark, mysterious, bass-filled, massive accomplishment, despite it's only 36 minutes long. And it's rapper's sophomore album. Not every 24-year-old records an LP this sophisticated. American rapper managed to mix really dark and heavy music with an atmosphere straight from 1997's synths. You can hear The Prodigy here, as well as … Continue reading Vince Staples – Big Fish Theory

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Murder Of The Universe

This album is a pure fire, destruction and catharsis. One of the most prog LPs in King Gizzard's enormous collection of records is energetic and rewarding journey through the vast landscapes filled with mighty beasts, monsters and cosmic balance. The pace of Mad Max's pursuits is constantly present, which might be exhausting, but also exhilarating … Continue reading King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Murder Of The Universe

Album of the Week: Father John Misty – Pure Comedy

Pure Comedy is a very long endeavour. And excellently executed one. Song after song, Father John Misty is creating an atmosphere of subtlety, intensity, but also monumentality with all of its beauty. This album, just like his previous ones, grows with every song, letting you sink in and enjoy its alluring melodies, charming tones, wonderful lyrics. This … Continue reading Album of the Week: Father John Misty – Pure Comedy

Kelly Lee Owens – Kelly Lee Owens

Kelly Lee Owens's electronica is subtle, dreamy, intense. M83 covering Kraftwerk featuring Alison Goldfrapp inspired by the Field. Minimal techno wonderfully blends with ambient-ish collages of sound, creating an atmosphere of relaxation, reflectiveness, chillout, and drug-indused dancefloor. This could be a soundtrack of your lucid dreams about spending whole night dancing yourself away from reality. … Continue reading Kelly Lee Owens – Kelly Lee Owens

Pallbearer – Heartless

This album is just massive. Great, big, monumental riffs, modern concept, inclusive approach, great melodies, atmosphere of doom, yet open to an everyday listener. Pallbearer probably recorded not only one of the best, satisfying, comprehensible metal albums of the year, but in recent memory. I wouldn't be surprised, if Heartless eventually was granted a spot among … Continue reading Pallbearer – Heartless

Album of the Week: Spoon – Hot Thoughts

It's not a breakthrough, but it's fun. And experimental as well. Spoon recorded an album that merges their alternative explorations with perfected pop rock song. This makes Hot Thoughts album appealing to both new listeners, who are searching for pure entertainment with an addition of alt-rock, but also to alt-rock fans, who are searching for mainstream fun. Title track … Continue reading Album of the Week: Spoon – Hot Thoughts

Blanck Mass – World Eater

I never knew Aphex Twin could remix Swans with a little help of Animal Collective. Wow. What a ride. It's crazy, fast, imaginative, and extremely intense. And then, gentility. It overflows with anxiety, energy, even fury. And when you are literally as unsettled as you can get, it delivers beautiful celestial landscapes of electronic sound, with charming melodies. … Continue reading Blanck Mass – World Eater

Dear Reader – Day Fever

Day Fever is a beautifully written, soothing collection of songs, delivered by subtle female voices and a mix of alt-folk, americana and electronic music. It's not a record-breaking milestone of a record, but a wonderfully executed, warm, reassuring and relaxing album, which moves you when you allow it to do so.      

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Flying Microtonal Banana

Forget about the world. Forget about the reality. Forget about the cover art. Forget about the weird band name and LPs title. Forget the fact this band released 9 albums in 5 years. Forget about the prejudice towards this record. Just listen and forget. Let the trance, psychedelia and unreality of those songs guide you … Continue reading King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Flying Microtonal Banana

Album of the Week: Japandroids – Near to the Wild Heart of Life

Well, this LP is just great. It's full of energy, full of life, full of fun. Japandroids' latest is a garage rock went full heartland rock, or heartland rock went full garage rock. It's like listening to MC5 covering Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark. Of course, some may find it too exaggerated, anthemic or pompous, and the songs … Continue reading Album of the Week: Japandroids – Near to the Wild Heart of Life