Shameful Artists, Favorite Songs

This is an issue we all know too well, or maybe we're just unaware of the problem. Should we stop listening to our favorite songs because of artists' wrongdoings? Or should we stop watching TV shows for the same reasons? In the era when shameful behaviors of artists are thankfully no longer a secret, this becomes an ethical issue without a clear answer.

add some music #88

This is where melancholy merges with strong statements, heartbreak with mellow musical collages, classics with modern sounds, rock with electronica and rap. This is where you find darkness, even sadness, yet peace and a potential for lightness. Kendrick Lamar, Gorillaz, Mount Eerie and more.

Album of the Week: Spoon – Hot Thoughts

It's not a breakthrough, but it's fun. And experimental as well. Spoon recorded an album that merges their alternative explorations with perfected pop rock song. This makes Hot Thoughts album appealing to both new listeners, who are searching for pure entertainment with an addition of alt-rock, but also to alt-rock fans, who are searching for mainstream fun. Title track … Continue reading Album of the Week: Spoon – Hot Thoughts

Dear Reader – Day Fever

Day Fever is a beautifully written, soothing collection of songs, delivered by subtle female voices and a mix of alt-folk, americana and electronic music. It's not a record-breaking milestone of a record, but a wonderfully executed, warm, reassuring and relaxing album, which moves you when you allow it to do so.